Bostin Loyd Talks with Dave Palumbo About his Steroid Cycles and more on RXMuscle’s 1 on 1 Show

Here is a great video from Bostin Loyd, who has quickly become the most controversial man in Bodybuilding especially due to his open minded and open mouth aproach towards steroids / performance enhancing. In this video bostin talks with Dave Palumbo on RXMuscle’s 1 on 1 interview show. Some topics he touch on is what drugs he use pre-show, on cycle and in off season. While most body builders use Anadro 50mg per day Bostin mentiond that on a recent cycle he was using 200mg per day. Needless to say he’s one of those very extreme bodybuilders. Bostin Loyd also talks about how he started using steroids wayback when he was 15 years old, how his parents stole his complete cycle and then gave it back to him when he turns 18. He also talks about his decission on retiring from competition and explains how he lost his passion for competing. Overall it’s an awesome video for any bodybuilder fan to look at so if you have 1hour and 10 minutes to spare get some protein snacks, sit back and enjoy the video.

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