Clarence’s Anabolic Back Squats – 240kg/529lbs 5×5 Pause ATG

Here at Pro Anabolics We’re not just about popping pills and pinning needles because as we always say the essence of steroids is not to work magic in your body and instantly make you super-human but just give you the needed performance enhancement and in some cases needed medical therapy. This is why we always recommend that one consult their physician about any steroid they are interested in using before beginning a steroid cycle.

In today’s Anabolic-Men post I would like to shine the spotlight on “Clarence0”, not someone I know personally but definitely someone I go to for constant motivation and inspiration. By now it’s a known fact that one can stimulate anabolic reaction within his or her body and muscles by means of their exercise and diet whether you are squatting 200kg or eating 36 eggs per day or even better doing combination of both, these kind of activities has a positive effect on stimulating a natural anabolic effect in one’s body which includes a HGH and Testosterone boost in the bloodstream.

I love Clarence’s videos because it’s less talk and more action. Here is a great video where he does 5 sets of 5reps each, 240kg back squats each with pause before the come-up. A very amazing performance and demonstration of the anabolic nature and abilities that lies in all of us. I hope it serves as a great inspiration and motivation for all you guys and gals out there with BIG goals. Like we always say here at Pro Anabolics “Go BIG or Go HOME – Anabolic or nothing”. Always strive for bringing out the best/beast in you. If you enjoyed this video please be sure to subscribe to Clarence0 channel on youtube.