The DEADLIFT: The King of Strength Exercises

Have you ever wondering what is the best exercise to build up strength? Well, the answer is simple: the deadlift! The Deadlift is the more natural and simpler exercise to do at the gym. It requires less technique than squat where you need to stabilize weight and having some flexibility to get a full range of motion and breaking the parallel. For the deadlift, it is pretty much easy, just bend at your knees, grab the barbell and stand up. All you have to do is being careful to keep your back pull your shoulder blades back.

Deadlift is considered as the best test of strength, it tests the global strength of the body. You will know how strong you are with your legs, hips, back, and grip. You can do a quick deadlift test at the gym then check the results here: The deadlift is the king for strength exercises, it directly targets all the major muscles responsible for correct posture and core strength. Do it once per week and you will dramatically increase your overall strength.

You can follow the Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program or use whatever workout routine you like but try not to deadlift heavy more than once per week because your body needs to rest a lot to recover from deadlift and build up strength. After a month, you will feel much stronger practicing your favorite sport and also you will experience a better posture with your better core strength.