GO MAD: Gallon Of Milk A Day

Gallon Of Milk A Day

GOMAD stands for Gallon Of Milk A Day. It is a weight gain method used for may years. Additionally to your meals, you have to drink one gallon of whole milk a day.

    • Weight gain (around 25lbs the first month)
    • Cheap (whole milk is pretty cheap)
    • Nice source of protein (120gr of protein for 1 gallon of whole milk)
    • Easy to take (liquid food is always easier than eating a lot of solid food)
    • Totally natural
    • Strength gains from proteins, fats, and carbs
    • Permanent gains (you teach your body to consume more kcal per day)
    • Saturated fat (increasing testosterone levels)
    • High in carbs (increasing insulin)
    • Prevent kidney stones
    • High in calcium

Spread your whole milk into 4 intakes:

    • ¼ after breakfast,
    • ¼ after lunch,
    • ¼ in the afternoon,
    • ¼ after dinner.

You will gain around 25lbs the first month but also 2-3% of fat, if you decide to stop this diet, you will lose some gains because you will lose lot of water you gained. But you can stay on GOMAD as long as you want. Saturated food are not unhealthy as we believed before and cholesterol from dietary does not affect blood cholesterol.

If you use GOMAD and follow Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 training routine for example you will have dramatic strength gains, as combining deadlift and squats with GOMAD has a synergic effect.

So what are you waiting for? GOMAD!