The Importance of Strength and Conditioning

Nowadays strength and conditioning have a very important place in the training of the athletes and it is also a big money industry… A lot of people are self-proclaimed strength and conditioning coach or they got some diploma that says they are so. Well, the reality is that almost all of them are just guessing when they are coaching you, they don’t have any experience or facts that would back up their supposed “elite training strategy” . In fact, most of the people don’t see any improvement or very little after doing a year of theses supposed all in one conditioning workout programs. Well, they can have as many diplomas as they want, it is worthless if their training system does not bring results. At then end of the day it is all about results.

We can compare it to self-defense coaches, before the popularity of MMA, these choaches of these different arts were like the God of the martial arts but in fact, their systems mostly useless when applied to real life experiences and fights. This has been proven times and times over when reknowned master challenges a mma fighter only to get his ass whopped. We can say strength and conditioning is a little same thing. But why it is not working? Well actually it is very easy to train strength and conditioning, if you want to have more strength you have to follow the guy who train for strength like powerlifter or Olympic weightlifters … What is the common point in theses 2 different sports? Well, they focus on improving lifts in weights. For the Olympic weightlifting, it is the snatch, and the clean and jerk. For the powerlifting, it is the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

So mainly what we can say is that for improving your global strength, you have to focus on compound movements and heavy! Doing biceps curls or jumping on a box during half hour will never make you stronger. But is that all? No, you have to try the workout that is best for you, avoiding injuries and overtraining. There is no rule for that, everybody reacts different but what I would advise to you is to try the 5/3/1 workout from Jim Wendler, a powerlifter legend that has created a simple workout, easily customizable, and that allows you to have slow but steady progress, without injuring.